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28.10.2016 (F&M) // Concrete Jungle Records presents the brand new 6 track EP „Just Like You'd Leave Us, We've Left You For Dead“ by the one and only Hardcore-Punk-Metal-Mixup Heroes from Los Angeles.

Since their inception in 1998, DEATH BY STEREO - now featuring members of ZEBRAHEAD, ADOLESCENTS and MANIC HISPANIC - has assembled a worldwide loyal fan base and made a great stir with their last album „Black Sheep Of The American Dream“ in 2012 (Concrete Jungle Records). Now, 4 years later, they continue right where it ended, presenting another brilliant EP full of great Hardcore Punk riffs, interlaced with crushing Metal breakdowns and blazing solos courtesy of the legendary party shredder, Dan Palmer.

But DEATH BY STEREO is more than just music. Once again frontman and lyricist Efrem Schulz gets straight to the point and does‘t mince matters. „I think with the political / social climate the way it is right now, we need to stand up and say something with our music and take a hard stance against the powers that be. Our country is at the brink of chaos with Donald Trump running for president. "I Think About Killing You Everyday" is dedicated to him“, says Schulz.

Their song “They Feed Us Death" features Thomas Barnett of STRIKE ANYWHERE on vocals. Schulz explains, „we are all huge fans of his and really knew we had a strong bond socially and politically. The song is a death hymn dedicated to Monsanto farms and their poisoning of the food we all eat every day.“

Balancing chaos and consciousness is no easy task, and few bands will ever do it as well as DEATH BY STEREO. And somehow or another, the band does all this while completely out of their minds on Jägermeister. DEATH BY STEREO brings a conscious message with a no holds barred, uncompromising way of life that has become infamous. Death For Life!

05.08.2016 (F&M) // Here it is! "Shame On Your Crew" is the first outtake from the forthcoming BURNING LADY album "The Human Condition"! Check this out and get blown away! More pre-listenings are coming soon!

And from now on you can also pre-order the new album as CD or lim. col. 12" LP (incl. MP3 Download Card). Also available: Poster, Shirt or all that stuff as an exclusive bundle for a special price. Release Date: September 30th, 2016!

Presented by Concrete Jungle Records, Subkultura Booking, Plastic Bomb Fanzine, Away From Life,, Out Of Vogue
13.10.2016 GER-Dortmund, FZW eats Bierschinken Festival
14.10.2016 GER-Nürnberg, Z-Bau
15.10.2016 A-Wien, EKH Seewinkel Noise Factory DIY Festival 4.0
16.10.2016 SK-Bratislava, Fuga
17.10.2016 CZ-Prag, Klub Buben
18.10.2016 GER-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
20.10.2016 GER-Cottbus, Chekov
21.10.2016 GER-Berlin, Wild At Heart
22.10.2016 GER-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
23.10.2016 GER-Rotenburg, Jugendzentrum Villa Roller
26.10.2016 GER-Braunschweig, Funzel BS
27.10.2016 GER-Erfurt, Ajz Erfurt
28.10.2016 GER-Bielefeld, AJZ Bielefeld
29.10.2016 GER-Untererthal, Away From Life Festival
30.10.2016 GER-Hof, Proberaum
31.10.2016 GER-München, Import/Export
10.11.2016 GER-Göttingen, Juzi
11.11.2016 GER-Leipzig, Werk2-Kulturfabrik
12.11.2016 GER-Waldkirchen, AZ-Dorftrottel
15.11.2016 GER-Zwickau, Barrikade
16.11.2016 CZ-Jihlava, tba
17.11.2016 GER-Jena, JG Stadtmitte
18.11.2016 GER-Wermelskirchen, Ajz Bahndamm

THE METEORS "The Power Of 3"
30.07.2016 (F&M) // So here we go again into the pure psychobilly madness of the kings. Now, fresh as ever even after 37 years of constant touring and over 30 groundbreaking and cult sustaining albums, THE METEORS present their superb "next evolution" in the genre that they created and have cultivated and moved forward time after time.

Their new album “The Power of 3” blasts into devilish existence with 12 tracks of evil psychobilly rock ‘n‘ roll, razor sharp instrumentals and deranged lyrics leading to songs that are guaranteed to set any monsters lose and putting them straight to the wrecking pit!

THE METEORS – “Back to hell we go”! "The Power Of 3" is available as ltd. Digipak CD, ltd. 180g 12" LP + MP3 and as Digital Download via Mutant Rock Records (Concrete Jungle Records).

ADOLESCENTS "Manifest Density"
08.07.2016 (F&M) // ADOLESCENTS are one of America’s most popular punk bands. They were formed by original AGENT ORANGE bassist Steve Soto and singer Tony Cadena (Reflex) in 1979 in Fullerton, California. Along the way they recruited the Agnew brothers from SOCIAL DISTORTION and in 1981 released their self titled debut album “Adolescents“ which would become one of the most influential Southern California punk rock albums of all time. Along with BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG and MINOR THREAT they are one of the leading bands of the 1980s hardcore / skate punk scene. Over all those years the band has influenced many of today‘s later punk groups, including BAD RELIGION, NOFX, FACE TO FACE, GOOD RIDDANCE, THE OFFSPRING, PENNYWISE, RISE AGAINST, SLAYER and FU MANCHU.

The first line up disbanded in late 81 but the band returned in 1986 with a new drummer and a new record “Brats in Batallions”. Reflex left in 1988 and the band released one more record “Balboa Funzone” before disbanding in 1989. The band once again reunited in 2001 for a 20th anniversary tour and have continued performing ever since. With a few line up changes Soto and Reflex have taken the ADOLESCENTS across the US, Europe, Japan and South America and they released OC Confidential, their first studio album in 17 years in 2005.

Finally since 2011 the band has been more productive than ever. After their successful album in 2011 „The Fastest Kid Alive“, their great EP „American Dogs in Europe“ in 2012 and their records „Presumed Insolent“ (2013) and „La Vendetta“ (2014), the band decided to take a small break. But now they‘re back and ready to release their 5. studio album on Concrete Jungle Records!

And the new album is a blast! Produced by Paul Miner (DEATH BY STEREO, H2O, ATREYU), „Manifest Density“ has a powerful sound without losing the typical ADOLESCENTS‘ charm. Songs such as „Nightcrawler“, „Catfish“ and „Ratcather“ are great and catchy Cali-Punk anthems with intellectually sharp and critical lyrics.

Once again ADOLESCENTS achieve an album that combines the old and the new. „Manifest Density“ is available on Concrete Jungle Records as CD, ltd. col. 12“ LP + MP3 and Digital Download.

THE TURBO A.C.‘s "Damnation Overdrive"
03.06.2016 (F&M) // The world's best surf punk band is back! THE TURBO A.C.'s put in a short break, just to return with an upcoming Europe tour and the reissue of their album "Damnation Overdrive". The record, which had been sold out for quite some time now, will be re-released via Concrete Jungle Records.

A brief throwback: Originally, "Damnation Overdrive" came out in 1996 on Blackout! Records (New York). And it really hit a nerve in Europe. Gearhead magazine called them „a younger hungrier SUPERSUCKERS“. Music journalist Markus Kavka drew similarities to SOCIAL DISTORTION in the renowned magazine Metal Hammer. But "Damnation Overdrive" really is more than just 'reminiscent of something else'. It's a brilliant approach to mix surf and punk and deliver it with a raw, energetic sound. It was fresh, it was new, and people were crazy about it. THE TURBO A.C.'s soon had built up a solid fan base all over the world. After their first release, there were six more studio albums and countless tours to come. In 2011, the band released their latest album "Kill Everyone" on Concrete Jungle Records. Now, they are busy working on their next record.

"Damnation Overdrive" is full of hits - which makes it even more difficult to only name a few tracks as its highlights. "Puff of Smoke", "Be Fast", "Live to Win", "Eat My Dust" are classics - and after 20 years they haven't lost any of their energetic charm and raw atmosphere. For the album's reissue, THE TURBO A.C.'s mastermind Kevin Cole (vocals / guitar) went over the songs again, remastered them and added two more bonus tracks to the record. "20 Years in Damnation Overdrive" will be released as a limited Digipak on CD with an extra patch. The limited colored 12'' LP comes with a DIN A1 poster and a free mp3 download card. Make sure to save one of these physical copies before they are sold out!

Now available everywhere!

27.01.2016 (F&M) // Young German crossover band ATOA have revealed the details for their upcoming debut album. "Unter Wölfen" ("Among Wolves") was co-produced by CALLEJON guitarist Kotsche and will be released on April 1st, 2016 via Arising Empire / Warner. By the way, the intense cover for "Unter Wölfen" was created by talented artist Yvonne Domava (ROGERS, ANTILOPEN GANG).

Commented the band: "We wanna share our hearts' blood with you. We wanna sing our hymns with you. Find meaning with you. Create identities. Let's write history together."

Furthermore the band have announced to be releasing the official music video for the upcoming single, "Du lebst nur einmal" ("You only live once") on February 19th. The teaser for the clip can be viewed here:

25.01.2016 (F&M) // NO FUN presents their brand new music video "Kiki" from their current and highly praised album "How I Spent My Bummer Vacation". NO FUN‘s different and sometimes a little bit crazy and this new video proves it once again. But that‘s the interesting thing about NO FUN - this band always comes up with something new and exciting.

"Kiki" was originally written as a slow acoustic ballad. Adding a loud guitar, it turned into an even more heartbreaking, cheesy but also pretty awesome song. "This is basically where we got the inspiration for our video: Greasy cheese and awesomeness. And this translated into: We rented an oldschool bowling alley, they gave us apple spritzer, we glued fake moustaches on our faces, and the whole scenery then dictated us the characters we slipped into" says singer and guitarist Andrea.

2016 they‘ll hit the road again and play a bunch of great shows and festivals. Watch out!

Präsentiert von Asset Discos, Concrete Jungle Records, Flix Agency, Ox-Fanzine,,,,
29.01.2016 GER-Berlin, Astra w/ Terrorgruppe
26.02.2016 GER-Hamburg, Monkey's Music Club
27.02.2016 GER-Altenburg, Finnegans
19.03.2016 B-Houthalen, Cross Bone Fest
20.03.2016 GER-Koblenz, Circus Maximus w/ Terrorgruppe
21.03.2016 GER-Aachen, AZ
23.04.2016 GER-Berlin, Tommy Weisbecker Haus
02.07.2016 GER-Nürnberg, Desi Fight Back Festival
16.07.2016 B-Oostende, O-Town Summerpunks Festival
25.07.2016 GER-Berlin, BiNuu
26.07.2016 GER-Mönchengladbach, Blaues Haus
27.07.2016 GER-Neunkirchen, Rock Your Holidays Fest
28.07.2016 GER-Stuttgart, Juha West
29.07.2016 GER-Simbach am Inn, Stray Fest
16.09.2016 GER-Ravensburg, Umsonst & Draussen

01.01.2016 (F&M) // The new year just has begun and we’re happy to already announce a bunch of new and great releases for 2016.

Let’s start with a splash: THE METEORS will release their upcoming album’s first single on P. Paul Fenech’s very own label Mutant Rock Records. The track is called ”Psycho (Wrecked Forever)“ and will come out on March 18, 2016 – the album is expected to be released end of May.

The summer will be busy and exciting: In June, Concrete Jungle Records is releasing a special edition of THE TURBO A.C.’s brilliant first album ”Damnation Overdrive“ to celebrate the records‘ 20th anniversary – bonus tracks and bonus material included. Right after that, in July, ADOLESCENTS’ new studio album sees the light of the day. Tireless as they are, both bands will go on a big Europe tour this summer. Super excited for this! In 2016 we also welcome Berlin-based indie/garage-band GURR on Asset Discos. In cooperation with Concrete Jungle Records they will release their incredibly catchy EP “Furry Dream“ on vinyl (release date: April 8, 2016). And last but not least: French street punk band BURNING LADY just recorded a follow-up to their well-received debut album “Until The Walls Fall“ – they will hit the road this October.

Rock’n’roll label Wreckhouse Records, founded by Köfte of MAD SIN, will put out its first releases this year. It really only makes sense to begin with releasing new and remastered MAD SIN classics. Of course, there will also be other bands joining Wreckhouse Records: THE PEACOCKS are currently recording the follow-up to “Don’t Ask”, which will be released by the label as well.

Over at Aggressive Punk Produktionen FAHNENFLUCHT, POPPERKLOPPER and KOTZREIZ are busy working on new albums, which will come out later this year.

And of course, more releases will be announced during the year.
We’re very excited for 2016!